Vladimir Lelicanin

Head of Web Department at SAE Institute Belgrade, Serbia

"I cooperated with Adrian over the course of 5 years on many different web projects and mobile applications. As a seasoned web developer I worked with probably hundreds of designers. However, I could hardly think of other UI Designer who is more professional, organized, creative and better team player than Adrian Balea. It is a great professional satisfaction to work with such a professional, knowing that everything will be delivered perfectly and in time, and that every issue will be solved constructively and in enjoyable cooperation. Therefore, I warmly recommend Adrian Balea for any kind of UX/UI projects or jobs."


Bogdan Sacaleanu

Co-Founder - Fonehop, New York

"It is rare that you meet such a talent like Adrian. Fonehop hired him as a freelance designer in 2015 after being recommended to us by a common client. I was impressed by Adrian’s ability to actively listen to our requirements and transfer them into awesome images and design. As a team member or leader, Adrian earns my highest recommendation."


Daphne Demetriades - Colocassides

Managing Partner - HyperMedia LTD, Cyprus

"Mr Balea has demonstrated excellent managerial and decision making skills. He is attentive to his tasks and works tirelessly to achieve the set goals. He is most dependable and is an extremely positive and a very committed employee. He performs his duties in an extremely timely and conscientious manner. Throughout his employment Hypermedia has always received compliments from customers about his professional approach."



Flash Developer - HyperMedia LTD, Cyprus

"I had the pleasure to work with Adrian for one year at Hypermedia LTD Cyprus. He is one of the most talented visual designers I have had the privilege to work with. In all his work Adrian has been prompt, very imaginative in his design, clean and sharp in his execution. He pays very close attention to directions received. In addition to being a very talented designer, he has a very strong work ethic, is very dedicated to his work and is honest. I enjoyed working with Adrian and I’d highly recommend him for any type of design work."


Ingo-Stefan Schilling

COO - Cellixx, Luxembourg

"Adrians design qualities are gifted. He's one of the few industrial designers who are able to bridge between the worlds of art, design, technology and business. He's future will be bright if he follows the dedication he showed at cellixx. I personally wish we'll work again together."


Dan Romescu 

Founder - Soft Ocean SRL, Romania

"Adi is a talented artist converted to a great designer. Meet him when was artist, working with charcoal and paper he managed grateful to transform his talent from analogue medium to digital. Was one of the pioneers in Mobile Graphical Design working in my team building Pocket PC Phone Smart Menu, the first mobile finger touch interface in the world back in 2001."